Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses
Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses

Big Booty Bri by Lover Senses

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Enjoy Bliss Sex Life Like Never Before


  • The Sex Doll with Lifelike Big Boobs Vaginal Anus, brings great fulfillment and pleasure to every of your s*exual need.
  • This Female sex doll is scaled-down according to the figure of a charming mature female, with a perfect figure and exquisite body curves.
  • Please Note that this torso doll is NOT A LIFE SIZE sex doll. It's a down-sized doll for convenience and ease of use and clean.
  • Please note that the sex doll clothes is not included.
  • Total Length:22.44inch, Width:10.24inch, Bust: 29.13inch, Waist: 15.75inch, Hip: 27.56inch,Weight:22lbs.
  • Vagina length: 6.29inch.
  • Anus length: 5.52inch.
  • Please note that this sex doll is not a life size sex doll, it is a 1:1 scaled down size female half body sex doll!!!!!!!
  • Due to the long-term transportation, the sex doll may appear oily, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • PLEASE NOTE that we will dust talcum-powder on the skin to prevent the product from becoming sticky before the product leaves the factory. So it is normal if there is powder on the skin surface when you receive it.



3 in 1 Sex Pleasure

There are three ways to play, Vaginal Sex,Anal Sex,Breast Sex.


Realistic Details

The realistic sex doll is made of a skin-like TPE which shows pores and goosebumps, like a real woman skin. The sex doll for men is wheat skin with realistic meat patterns, delicate stripes, and vein-like meat particles.



Lifelike Big Boobs

The sex dolls offers up gorgeously large boobs.When your hand touches it, you can feel her deep and eager desire for comforting and it's the best choice for breast fun. Wrap your hands around or slide your c*ock between , a tight, pert butt, and invitingly realistic p*ussy and a*ss for long nights of loving.



Dual Channel Design

It has two separated channels providing penetrative fun, both the vaginal and anal channels are 3D texture designed.


Designed with Two Holes and Tunnels

The lifelike sex doll is designed with vaginal and anal tunnels that are fulled of textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and irritation. Two different internal structures bring you different pleasures. 6.29" long vaginal channel allow you goes deeper, and 5.52" long anal channel like a great sucker, your bro feel a soft suction power here.


Built-in Metal Skeleton and Joints for Multi-poses

The female torso sex doll skeleton allows her to maintain an upright posture while the movable joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to try numerous positions as you like. (Please note that in the normal state or when the lifelike sex doll is not used, please keep her legs together to avoid damage to the joint skin.)


Use & Clean:

1. To use longer, the material has light grease on the surface. It is recommended, after cleaning take baby powder on it to make long-term storage.

2. It is better to use lubricating oil when inserting for a better sex experience.

3. You can wear a condom for hygiene and cleanliness.

4. After use, clean the inside with your fingers with clear water and water-based cleaner, then dry it with a cloth and store it.or Use fresh water under temperature 40°c/104°f and some soap, wipe with soft and light color cloth, then let it air-dry. Don’t use the clothes which is dark color, or easily faded, to avoid staining the sex toy men.

5.When storing are high temperatures and high humidity to avoid, please keep it in a clean and well-ventilated area clean up

The sex doll torso come with two irresistible dual entry for amazing pleasure. It's made of the soft TPE material that you can grab and pound against. The elastic material can adapt to any size,it can definitely satisfy your desire to penetrate to the bottom.(Vagina length: 7.1in,Anus length: 5.9in)

Big Boobs Sex Doll

Huge Boobs Fun-Our fat sex doll has large breasts with a proud bust of up to 38.58 in. Fat sex doll's breasts are soft and full, kneading the chest you can know how thick and wonderful the feel.Too sensitive and bulging nipple particles accompanied by pink and sexy areola, which is too good to suck!

Sex Dolls for Men

Elastic Pink Nipples,Plump Big Boobs-Hands knead and fondle the fat breast, strong impact will make the breast tremble.You can see the nipple with nodules actually looks like real boobs. Tight Fat A*ss--Slapping her a*ss will shake so violently that you look like you're having sex with a real women.

Sex Doll Torso

Buit-in Torso--The big boobs sex doll strong torso support increases the stability and support of the male masturbator, enabling her to maintain an upright position.Her thick butt also helps. You can have fun in classic missionary or naughty cowgirl, and she would never say “no” to your any request.

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