Royal Cathy by Lover Senses
Royal Cathy by Lover Senses
Royal Cathy by Lover Senses
Royal Cathy by Lover Senses

Royal Cathy by Lover Senses

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    1. 10-frequency expansion and contraction: Experience a versatile range of sensations with our 10-frequency expansion and contraction feature. Customize the length and rhythm of the device to explore new levels of pleasure.

    2. 5-frequency suction: Delight in a variety of pleasurable suctions with our 5-frequency suction mode. Choose from different suction patterns to find the perfect level of intensity for your satisfaction.

    3. Daily waterproof: Designed for everyday use, our product is waterproof, allowing you to enjoy it in the shower, bath, or any wet environment. Embrace your desires without worrying about water damage.

    4. Magnetic charging: Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional charging methods. Our product features magnetic charging, ensuring a secure and convenient charging experience. Simply connect the magnetic connectors, and your device will recharge effortlessly.

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